Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drywall repair in Northern Virginia

Typical roof leak scenario that I am called to repair
I am often times called to customers homes that need repairs like these. It could have been little Timmy hitting a golf ball in the living room, a leak in the roof or a busted pipe. Whatever the reason is you need a drywall repair. A drywall repair can be simple or can be complex depends on the location and what is around the damaged area. Somethings that increase the level of difficulty of the repair if there are electrical fixtures, wires, pipes, panels and switches. The picture below contains all of these.

This repair has been cleaned up and "squared off"
The first step to repair drywall is to remove all the old drywall. Any part that is damaged or otherwise compromised needs to be removed. You will then want to "square off" the area. This means to try and turn the hole into one or more large square or rectangular shapes.

The next step is to fit a new piece or pieces of drywall in the hole. You want the new piece to fit fairly tightly but it does not have to be perfect.

Now take some scrap wood or trim and use it as a backer to hold the new piece of drywall in place. Screw the new drywall the the backer and make sure to recess the screw heads in the drywall.

Now your patch is secured in place and you are ready for the next step.

You are now ready to start with the taping and mudding process. First you need to tape the joints. I recommend using fiber mesh tape for first timers is is self adhesive and easier to work with. It costs a little bit more but well worth it for the first timer. You want to cover all the joints with the fiber tape.

You do not need to worry about the screw heads being covered with the tape. They will disappear with the application of drywall compound, which is the next step.

Now you want to apply drywall compound liberally to the entire area. Make sure to force the compound in the the tape. Use the knife to push and spread the compound. This will be your block coat. You will want to make it heavy and cover the entire patch area. Let this dry for one day.

When you come back the area will be dry and rough. Use some sand paper or your drywall knife to knock down any rough edges. You will now be ready to apply another coat of mud.

This is were the skill comes in. If you are good you will apply one layer of mud, give a light sanding and then apply the final skim coat. If you are not so good you will have to apply several layers and sand several times until the patch looks acceptable. Remember you can all add more mud and feather out the patch to help hide it. You have to paint the area anyway so need to keep the repair small.

If you have any drywall repair needs that you would like to have a professional take care of please contact Blue Sky Exteriors. We are a professional services company that specializes in exterior, interior and handyman repairs. We service the entire northern virginia area.

For more information or to get an estimate please use the contact information below:

Phone: 571-259-0408

Another happy drywall repair

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