Thursday, April 3, 2014

Roof Leak in Northern Virginia

Roof Leak in Northern Virginia

I get calls all the time to go to leaking roofs situations. It is generally the same issues that arise. Most of the time the roof sealants have failed in critical areas of the roof. In the picture below you can see old dried up sealants that have cracked and failed allowing water to enter into the attic area and absorb into the insulation and the drywall below. Sometimes you do not need your roof replaced you need to have a roof tune up. This service consists of checking all the caulking at the flashing, looking for exposed nail heads, looking for other defects that can be repaired with the addition of sealant or fabric and sealant. Having your roof tuned up can extend the life of the roof and save you money. 

Blue Sky Exteriors provides top quality roof tune up service as well as repairs and full replacements. Contact today @ or call 571.259.0408 to schedule your tune up. 

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